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Road transport

At NWIC, we offer our clients high quality services, fully qualified staff and an extensive fleet of vehicles.
By all means, we are able to adapt to the needs and expectations of the client, offering him services tailored to the nature of the transport that interests him.
Therefore, if you are interested in transport and freight forwarding, please feel free to contact us.


Types of loads

Thanks to a professional fleet of vehicles and cooperation with reliable carriers, we transport any type of cargo in Europe and the United States

  • FTL full truck load
  • partial LTL

We transport the following loads:

  • standard
  • refrigerated
  • hazardous
  • oversized.


We have, among others, carrier liability insurance dedicated to participation in international traffic.
NWIC’s liability insurance amounts to € 500,000, and thanks to an additional policy extension, the insurance also covers our subcontractors.


Professionalism and experience

Each Road load order is carefully planned.
Our professionalism is evidenced by the fact that we have already completed a significant number of orders for our clients from many different industries, implementing international road transport. We have worked for various companies – food, pharmaceutical, medical, furniture, etc. As a result of many years of experience and reliable work from year to year we have gained your trust, which is why currently our services related to transport and freight forwarding are willingly used by domestic and foreign customers.


Our offer includes various types of vehicles, e.g. buses, vans, reefers, vans with curtains or conestoga’s. Hereby, we optimize the transport for you in terms of costs and delivery transit.
Our international and domestic Over The Road Transport is at the highest level, all thanks to our own fleet and a group of reliable carriers cooperating with us. Our experience and their reliability have a positive effect on the quality of the services we offer. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we make sure that all their expectations are met.


Transport to England and Ireland all inclusive

We transport loads to England and Ireland in the all inclusive version.
What does it mean? Full customs service in export and import within the framework of the cargo handled. We accept orders from 1 pallet.
We transport both in controlled temperature and without temperature control.
Check out our offer for Transport to England or Ireland!


By cooperating with NWIC, you focus on reliability, timeliness and safety during transit. We approach each order individually, thanks to which we minimize the possibility of unexpected situations and avoid various problems, but when they occur, we instantly solve them.


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Phone: 0048 22 2668463 ext. 107
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